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​Welcome to Broad Leys

CFA Voyseys classic Architect Perspective image of Broad Leys


Iconic design by C.F.A Voysey

Broad Leys is C.F.A.Voysey’s masterpiece ‘Arts & Crafts’ lakeside country house set in 7 acres of landscaped gardens on the banks of Windermere in the Lake District.

Built in 1899 as a family lakeside retreat – and since 1950 the home of Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club – Broad Leys retains much of Voysey’s original design aesthetic and original features.
This guide explains the history of the house - from lakeside family retreat - to wartime hospital - to motorboat club and powerboat racing venue.

CFA Voysey architects perspective of Broad Leys
CFA Voyseys Iconic Air Vent Grills at Broad Leys
Icon of CFA Voysyes original 1899 floor plans for Broad Leys
Photo of the Windermere Suite at Broad Leys today
Vintage Telephone Icon

introduction to the house and its history

an online tour of the rooms and stories of Broad Leys

navigate via original floor plans of Broad Leys

details of guest bedrooms and venue hire at Broad Leys

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