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The Dining Room

A perfect match of elegance and warmth

Originally designed as the dining room this room has been kept true to its original use throughout its life.  The windows provide commanding views of both the lake and the northern fells and with a  broad windowsill to the north and a comfortable window seat to the west.

The Dining Room in 1909

From the wonderful collection of archive photographs by Rupert Potter during his many stays it is not hard to imagine how comfortable this room would have been to enjoy.

Dining room c 1904

Broad Leys was electrically lit from a mains supply from the start (Voysey's nearby Moor Crag had a 12v system and special clip-on lights).  You can see in the image the designs by Voysey for the gun-metal electric light pendant for the dining room.  This beautiful but highly practical early example of an adjustable electric pendant can be seen above the table in these archive photographs.

Dining Room fireplace in 1974
The Dining Room today

A room of true  Voysey style, with the warm wood panelling, ventilation grill and fireplace all retained in their original design and build; embracing all that is useful and giving an eye onto the beauties of the natural world beyond.

The dining room in 1909

Interestingly for a coal mine owner producing coal gas, Arthur Currer-Briggs was a pioneering enthusiast for electricity.  He promoted its development to reduce smoke pollution and nuisance in Leeds, and was a founder member of the Yorkshire Electric Power Company.

Voysey Broad Leys designs - Electric Lights

This room is still enjoyed today as a dining room for members and guests to the Club and regularly hosts dinners for up to 30 people.

Dining Room ready for service in 1974
The Drawing Room
Staircase & Gallery
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