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Explore Broad Leys

An online tour of Broad Leys

Take a wander through Broad Leys with our guides to the principal rooms and background on specific times and events in its history...

CFA Voysey classic Air Vent design at Broad Leys

Overview, Initial Design and Build

Norman H Buckley racing on the lake in Miss Windermere II

The oldest in the world still racing

Arthur Currer-Briggs as Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1903

Building with Voysey in Yorkshire and The Lakes

The CFA Voysey designed gargoyle probably of Arthur Currer Briggs in the Hall at Broad Leys

"The windows are the eyes"

1909 Photo by Rupert Potter of the Drawing Room fireplace at Broad Leys

Brahms and Liszt

The classic CFA Voysey fireplace in the Dining Room at Broad Leys (image from 1974)

A perfect match of elegance and warmth

Classic CFA Voysey fireplace in Room 1 at Broad Leys

"the fireplace is the heart of the room"

The original Yorkshire made baths from 1899 still in use at Broad Leys today

Nowt cleans like a Yorkshire bath

Original decorative lighting pendant and early example of electirc lighting in the staircase and gallery at Broad Leys

Arts & Craft in function

Nurse Helen Currer-Briggs during WW1 at the Broad Leys officers wartime hospital

Broad Leys Officers’ Hospital

​Beatrix Potter at Broad Leys in 1912 - Photo by Rupert Potter

“I must make the best of it"

Bob the wirefox terrier and Hercule Piorot - filming Dumb Witness at Broad Leys (1996)

from Oscar winning period drama to a dog called Bob

Trio in the garden at Broad Leys in early 1900s

'The lake doth glitter'

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