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Film & TV at Broad Leys

from Oscar winning period drama to a dog called Bob

In addition to commercial film and photography Broad Leys has starred in both Hollywood period drama and on the small screen.

Movie Poster for The French Lieutenant's Woman (1981 Poster)

On the small screen Broad Leys played a starring role in Agatha Christie's 'Dumb Witness' which was set in and filmed extensively in the Lake District.  The story is built around a trip to watch a  water speed record attempt on Windermere - with Broad Leys typecast as the venue.

Bob with Capt Hastings & Hercule Poirot inthe courtyard at Broad Leys
Scene from Poirot on the half-landing at Broad Leys
The French Lieutenant's Woman scenes in the Windermere Suite at Broad Leys

Broad Leys was used as the location for the conclusion of the film 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' in 1981, directed by Karel Reisz, and written by Harold Pinter.

The Windermere Suite (Room 3) provided the suitably dramatic and beautiful setting for Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons to emulate!

Bob the wire fox terrier wth a man called Hercule filming Agatha Christies Dumb Witness (1996)

The house, grounds and foreshore at Broad Leys were used for the filming of the exterior scenes.  Many of the 'interior' scenes shot in the studio using remarkably accurate replicas of the Hall, Drawing Room and Dining room at Broad Leys.  Albeit with the room to room sequence altered to confuse those familiar with the real thing!

Beatrix at Broad Leys
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