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Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club

The oldest in the world still racing

In the years following the 1914-18 war, a group of friends found sport in racing against each other informally.  There were various 'Water Carnivals’ held on Windermere and the post-war carnivals and regattas  included events for motor boats and hydroplanes.

Windermere Motor Boat Club in 1949 in Bowness Bay (re-coloured)

The club has had three homes on Windermere.  The first was a boat house in Bowness, owned by Mr Stephens.  The new club obviously needed something more substantial, so by August 1926, land was found on The Glebe and purchased for £550.  The cost of building was met through issuing shares and by December 1926 the club had raised £1440.

Poster advertising race viewing from Motor Vessel Teal

Only 10 members attended the first Annual General Meeting in January 1927, but at that meeting it was resolved that ladies be admitted to membership.

This first purpose built club house was completed in May 1927 and remained the home of the Windermere Motor Boat Club until 1950 when a similar method of raising funds combined with shrewd business sense resulted in the club acquiring Broad Leys.

WMBRC racing at Broad Leys today
WMBRC at the The Glebe in 1927

When like minds come together to pursue their sporting aims, a Club becomes a necessity!  Mr E.H. Pattinson of Windermere and Mr R.B. Stephens of Maghull gathered a group of people interested in the idea and in October 1925 they met to agree the formation of a Motor Boat Club.  The club commenced with just 14 founding members who took it forward and laid the basis for the success it is today, the oldest Motor Boat Racing Club in the world still racing.

Art Hatch in a three pint proprider Costa Livn and Norman H Buckley in Miss Windermere II on Windermere

This was a significant amount of money considering that this was the year of the General Strike and a period of National Economic Depression.  The success of raising such a significant amount speaks well of the courage and determination of those first directors by dint of sheer perseverance, that allowed building to commence.

Early WMBRC race day on the jetty

Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club today combines this tradition of club racing on the lake with a broad calendar of motor-boat, sailing and off-the-water activities.  The club is also the lead organising body for the annual Record Week held on nearby Coniston Water.

As custodians of Broad Leys, the club and its members also pursue various initiatives in the ongoing care and preservation of the house and its heritage.

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